12-03-2024 03:44:20


Hello, as you may have noticed before, there are many things we should do for you now!

1. Move some Game Servers to Singapore for better Network Asia

We're have a plan some servers to Singapore in next month (or after release 3 games upcoming).
The reason: the network in Asia to our server is not too good, so we want to make your gaming experience smoother and faster.
Keep an eye out for updates on which servers are moving.

The servers game can support in this movement:
- Mirage 3D
- Magic Contract 3D (open server GLOBAL - and may be we will move all players)
- Tribal H5
- MU H5


New Game should release in this month (and next month):
- Dream Contract (MMORPG 2D)
- DragonBall 2D (turn based strategy 2D)
- Three Kingdoms: Overlord (turn based strategy 2D)
- Megamon (turn based strategy 2D)

So far, these games have not been translated yet! It takes some time for us to translate to English and develop new game functions.



2. New Game: Tribal Empire H5!
We just released server 02 of the game Tribal Empire H5!
It's in English and ready for you, the giftcode and reward should come in the next few days.
Download it or play it online right now:


(on PC/iOS devices)


OR download APK (android):

English version:


Vietnamese version (bản Tiếng Việt):



3. More games?
Get ready for more gaming fun! We're planning to release at least 6-8 games.
Join our Discord community to get a review and vote for it!

Join our Discord:



Or copy: https://discord.gg/HsgMad6MWX



4. Servers Merge: Making Things Easier
We're merging some servers to make gaming smoother for everyone. Find out more about it here.
- Mirage Love 3D: S11-S19 (S11 release 200 days ago)
- MU Immortal H5: S1-S20 (S1 release 400 days ago)
- Soul Land: S51-S60 (S51 release 170 days ago)
- KungFu Arena: merge all servers

Some Vietnamese games:
- Hoa Sơn Ngũ Tuyệt: S51-S60


5. Upgrade APK for some H5 games
For Android 14, we upgrade the apk for all H5 games; the client game may be later.
Right now, you don't need to download the APK for the H5 game again. Just play it as normal.


Stay tuned for more gaming updates, and let's keep playing!